Saturday, October 17, 2009

Un autre haitien décapité en République Dominicaine
Haitian Migrant Beheaded in Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO – An undocumented Haitian immigrant was decapitated in the northwestern Dominican town of Mao, the National Police said Friday.

The victim was identified as Tony Charlys, a 40-year-old farm laborer.

Charlys’ headless body was found Thursday, while his severed head was spotted later at a different location, the National Police said.

Dominican officials estimate that around 1 million Haitians live in the country, most of them illegal immigrants who work in agriculture and construction.

The Dominican Republic and Haiti share the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, with Haiti in the western portion. Though both countries are poor, Haiti is destitute, and Haitians cross the border to do work that many Dominicans will not do, such as harvesting sugar cane.

Haitians have been the target of mob violence numerous times in recent years, and the Dominican government has been widely criticized for its treatment of the migrants. EFE

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