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The US elections 2016: Haiti Connexion Network endorses Hillary Clinton

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As we had done in 2008 and 2012 for the presidential candidate Obama, the team of Haiti Connexion Network has decided to endorse one of the two candidates vying for the presidency of the United-states.
Our support goes this time for the 2016 US presidential election to the candidate Hillary Clinton.

We hesitated a bit before opting for this choice given the clouds of corruption, suspicion and lack of integrity that are floating above Hillary. Ultimately, we come to find out that much of this negativity is maintained for 30 years by enemies of Hillary, of the extreme right, in the relentless pursuit of their personal and ideological agenda bordering on fascism, racism and machismo. A discovery we made in the light of their attacks and their obstructionist agenda for 8 years against Obama -with Hillary- they perceive as the epitome of liberal progressive movement in the United States. A false perception, as Obama and Hillary, being to the right of the great progre…