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Time To Stop the Madness in Haiti

Time To Stop the Madness in Haiti
By Omega World News Staff WritersOctober 5, 2010

In the name of our common humanity, neither Haitians living abroad nor the world community can remain indifferent any longer to the misery, pain and suffering meted out to Haiti this year by mother nature itself, and by that country's own undemocratic, abusive and incompetent government, the madness of which must be stopped.

Even mother nature appears to be telling Haitians that things must change in their country. From a deadly earthquake, to hunger, insecurity, diseases and hurricanes, Haitians have seen it all this year, and their general resiliency has been tested to the fullest extent. Today, while Haiti has been spared the full force of hurricane Tomas, even as we write these lines, inundations are widespread and in at least one tent city near the old national palace, people are up to their knees in dirty waters.

In this as for every other calamity in the past, the United States responded with…