Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Caribbean Writer: Now accepting submissions for Volume 25, to be published in 2011.

Now accepting submissions for Volume 25, to be published in 2011.
Deadline: September 30, 2010.


This 25th anniversary issue of The Caribbean Writer will be dedicated to Haiti and the issue of "freedom." We are interested in works by both Haitian and non-Haitian writers, works that celebrate and document Haitian life in its broadest sense, works that provide a critical and historical overview, works that reflect both the resilience and the struggle that is part and parcel of Haitian reality at home and abroad. The secondary theme, freedom, is appropriate, as Haiti is synonymous with freedom, being the first country in the New World to earn its independence in 1803. However, the word here, "freedom," resonates on many different levels, and The Caribbean Writer seeks works that explore and explode the multiple meanings of this word. We are also accepting artwork by Haitian artists or images of Haiti. (Original prints, photographs, paintings).

Authors of accepted work will be notified within 6-8 weeks and, if editing is required, the contributor will have a 7-day turn around.

All submissions are eligible for these prizes:

The Daily News Prize for best poetry ($300)

The Canute A. Brodhurst Prize for best short fiction ($400)

The David Hough Literary Prize to a Caribbean author ($500)

The Marguerite Cobb McKay Prize to a Virgin Island author ($200)

The Charlotte & Isidor Paiewonsky Prize for first-time publication ($250)

Book Reviews - Persons interested in reviewing books should contact the editor indicating areas of expertise. Include sample reviews if possible


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