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Time To Stop the Madness in Haiti

Time To Stop the Madness in Haiti
By Omega World News Staff WritersOctober 5, 2010

In the name of our common humanity, neither Haitians living abroad nor the world community can remain indifferent any longer to the misery, pain and suffering meted out to Haiti this year by mother nature itself, and by that country's own undemocratic, abusive and incompetent government, the madness of which must be stopped.

Even mother nature appears to be telling Haitians that things must change in their country. From a deadly earthquake, to hunger, insecurity, diseases and hurricanes, Haitians have seen it all this year, and their general resiliency has been tested to the fullest extent. Today, while Haiti has been spared the full force of hurricane Tomas, even as we write these lines, inundations are widespread and in at least one tent city near the old national palace, people are up to their knees in dirty waters.

In this as for every other calamity in the past, the United States responded with quick, compassionate and effective action, deploying human and material resources to bring much needed humanitarian assistance to those in need of help. On behalf of Haitians everywhere, we extend our thanks and gratitude to the United States Government, the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development, in particular.

In news coverage of this potentially devastating new hurricane, ten months after the murderous earthquake, we've seen Haitians still living in tent cities tell American reporters that they have not received any help from the Haitian government toward improving their living conditions, both insecure and unsanitary. Did we say Haitian government?

There is no government to speak of in Haiti. Neither President René Préval nor his Prime Minister, Mr. Jean Max Bellerive, have the time to even think about the welfare of Haitians. Haiti's political leaders are too busy choreographing the details of the phony elections they have scheduled for November 28th. Their cronies have been performing make believe polls and phony debates, everything to make their "selections" look like the real thing, elections, you know. They want to continue to confiscate all political and economic decision making powers into their own hands for decades to come, so that they can continue to plunder and derail Haiti's democracy project to their personal projects and benefits.

It is obvious that the people of Haiti need to be protected against the political predators who call themselves a government in their country. Haitians are exhausted and weak, and can't fight the bandits on their own. The population of Haiti is endangered, and we need to act quickly to stop the madness of a government that is only interested in replicating itself through fraudulent elections, and in using the horrible living conditions of its population as a mean to abuse the good will of a compassionate world.

It is time to end the madness in Haiti.

Omega World News Staff 202-239-6567 703-268-4594October 5, 2010

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