Friday, May 15, 2009

Tears for Our Bicolor Flag

Tears for Our Bicolor Flag
by Hébert Logerie

Tears are streaming down deep inside me
For our bicolor flag
That our brothers are dragging in the mud.
In the name of God, have pity and respect for our ancestors,
Who are annoyed and frustrated where they are interred.

Oh! My Lord, even at their resting place, they are being betrayed.

Another eighteenth of May in shackles,
Another open season, where the master’s boots
Are stumping on our neck.
Once again, they are spitting on us snoozing on the ground,
Slapping and lynching us repeatedly,
Where we are blinded by dusts and lightning flashes.

We have nowhere to go, no country.
The tractors have dug up our yams and gold.
We have nothing; we are treated like vermin,
We have been abandoned at the crossroads.

Another eighteenth of May where the heartless,
And shameless kleptomaniacs tell unbelievable stories,
In front of countless poor people battling all sorts of diseases;
In lieu of money, our pockets are filled-up with marbles and rocks.

When will this misery stop; even at their final resting place,
They are humiliated, insulted, violated and beat up?
When will this sacrificial flag find a breeze,
To float, to flap his wings side by side, back to back;
Next to his brother who is twenty eight years old older?
Let’s forgive and search for new direction.

Myriads of questions! No intelligent responses!
Many hypocritical excuses! Always some pitiful disquisitions!

Tears will neither wash away our problems nor our dilemmas.
The intellectuals are playing games like drunkard bats
After the first shade of darkness. This is very shameful,
For our people who love to be free.

P.S. Happy 205th. Birthday to the Haitian flag.

© May, Hebert Logerie, All Rights Reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of two poetry books :
“Sparkles of Love and Etincelles de l’Amour”

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