Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BGZ Filmz presents "Lost In Haiti" Life as a Deportee In Haiti

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Greetings ECHO D'HAITI

We would like to take the time out to introduce to you, "LOST IN HAITI" Documentary DVD, currently in production, developed by Bourgeoizie Filmz LLC. LOST IN HAITI- will be a documentary exploring the social, cultural, political, and personal ramifications endeavored by many current and future deportees returned their birth land, Haiti under the new U.S. Immigration Laws.

We have been working with several organizations in the U.S and in Haiti advocating for Human Rights and the rights of immigrant detainees facing deportation to Haiti. Our Haitian-American perspective will explore the root cause of acculturation, assimilation, and objectification of the Haitian culture and history pertaining to the deportees. Showing first hand accounts of these former U.S. residents and their families, the documentary explores how the U.S. immigration and deportation process effects their lives. We have highly controversial footages concerning this sensitive issue -all information and visuals that you, too, might be interested in pursuing.

Bourgeoizie Filmz LLC, based in New York City was established in early 2004 by it's founders Gregory Jesus Luc and Berhane Gelin. Since the company's release of the controversial independent film documentary, "From Harlem To Haiti" (about immigration and deportation) in early 2005, the company has been consistently busy working on a wide range of commercials, music videos, documentaries, corporate and internet material. Bourgeoizie Filmz is committed to developing and producing films of current and historical apropos, social purpose commercial value, and artistic integrity.

Fundamentally, this project seeks to foster social discourse through various avenues of storytelling, leading to community and self-empowerment. This program is designed for national broadcast, as well as ancillary interactive websites and print material. It will serve as a vehicle for information, enlighten and inspire change through honest interpretation from a historically underrepresented segment of society, Haitian deportees and immigrant deportees in general.

Again, continue to fight for freedom and justice.

Thank You,
Gregory Jesus Luc
Bourgeoizie Filmz LLC
P.O.BOX 1002
New York, N.Y. 10025

some links:

Gregory Jesus-Luc
Director, Producer

Mr. Luc is a prominent figure in his community. In 2000 Mr. Luc graduated with a B.A. in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, and went on to study and receive a certificate in 16mm Film Production and Editing at The New School University. In 2007, Luc co-founded the 501(c3) not-for-profit annual educational organization, Spring Break In Haiti. He is an active member of the annual African Day Parade community board in Harlem. He is also actively working with the National Haitian Student Alliance, United Haitian Students of Florida, and The Florida Haitian Student Association. He travels to Haiti frequently and is currently working with the Deportees Improvement Progress Services (D.I.P.S Org.), an organization dedicated to helping deported individuals adjust to their new environment.

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